The Dead Family Diaz by P.J. Bracegirdle

A Day of the Dead story from the point of view of the dead! Angelito is a skeleton who has never met any of the Living. This year, on the Day of the Dead, his family is going to walk among the Living, and Angelito is pretty scared. Once in the Land of the Living, Angelito loses his family. But when he meets another boy sitting alone, he mistakes his skeleton mask for the real thing and thinks he’s Dead like him. Pablo and Angelito play together until they discover the truth, which sends both of them running off in fear. Once again united with his family, Angelito realizes that being Living or Dead doesn’t really matter when it comes to making friends.

Help! I’m Stuck in a Giant Nostril! (George Brown Class Clown series) by Nancy Krulik

George Brown has a problem. He burps. Big, loud, outrageous super burps that he can’t control, that come up from deep inside him at the most in-opportune moments.It’s frustrating for George. Kids think of him as the class clown. Adults get angry. His best friend Alex wants to help George, but that’s easier said than done. In “Help! I’m Stuck in a Giant Nostril!”,  George ends up exploding with a humongous burp while his class is on a field trip at the local science museum and, yes, he does end up getting stuck in a giant nostril, but not for too long, and anyway, it’s just a typical day for a guy like George Brown.

Partners in Crime by Kim Harrington

Two friends, Darcy and Norah, create a web based fake detective agency for a school assignment never expecting to take on a real case. However, when they receive an email asking for their help in tracking down a missing twin, they can’t resist.

One of the titles in the Sleuth or Dare series in the 8-12 year old age range. Recommended for girls who like stories about school,  friendships, mysteries, and/or The Popularity Papers by Amy Ignatow.